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Expert Mortgage Brokers

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Expert Mortgage Brokers is a professional mortgage brokerage providing expert advice & services by tailoring your needs. We pride ourselves on being a whole of the market mortgage broker in London, UK. Our expert brokers will save you time & money and make the mortgage options easy & stress-free. With years of experience in the industry, we will help you to get you the best products & great rates.


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Our mortgage resources offer expert guidance and support for those seeking property financing. Our knowledgeable writers aim to deliver informative and engaging content to help individuals make informed mortgage decisions.

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What our clients say

We try to go above and beyond what is typical in the finance industry by providing our clients with efficient and personalised services. If you do not believe us, please read what some of our clients have said about working with us.

Marek K.
March 7, 2024

Fantastic service from Expert Mortgage Brokers with my BTL mortgage ! Fast, reliable, efficient. Great communication. Thank you very much for sorting it out in no time.

Ashraf Hussain
December 7, 2023

I had an excellent experience with this mortgage company. The service was top-notch, communication was fantastic, and they consistently met all targets. I highly recommend them for their professionalism and efficiency.

Sunita Puri
December 7, 2023

My experience of having mortgage with expert mortgage brokers has been very good, helpful and confident and knowledgeable staff.

Ruhel Alom
June 21, 2022

I recently used Jahed for residential matters and found him to be very prompt and efficient. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Expert Mortgage Brokers.

Reza Haque
June 14, 2022

Expart mortgage broker one of the…

Expart mortgage broker one of the leading mortgage broker company in Eastlondon I have been used them and my family members for quite some time they are very thrust worthy mr Mirza he all way find a best product thats suit you I will recommend this company


We Helped 1000+ Property Owners in UK

We want to be the best example of what it means to be a mortgage broker in London by giving our clients a high-quality service and a tailored mortgage solution that is unparalleled in the market.

Personalised Service

We believe that one size does not fit all, and so we tailor mortgage products for each client after carefully studying their case. In this manner, we can ensure the best rates.

100% Success Rate

Since 2016, Expert Mortgage Brokers have served hundreds of clients in London and we are proud to have managed to approve mortgages for everyone.

Whole of Market Broker

As a whole of market broker, we have access to every available mortgage so that we are able to recommend the most suitable deal
for you.


Personalised mortgage solutions

We offer a wide range of mortgage services and solutions to meet your individual needs. Whether you’re looking for a buy to let or a commercial mortgage, we can help you find the best mortgage deals.

Residential Purchase

Looking to purchase a home, our mortgage brokers can help. We specialise in residential mortgages and can find you the best financing options to fit your needs.

Residential Remortgage

Do you need the help of a specialist mortgage broker in London to assess your residential remortgage? Our expert mortgage advisors can help you find the best deals.

BTL Purchase

Buy-to-let (BTL) mortgages are the most common type of financing used when purchasing a house only for the intention of renting it out rather than living in it.

BTL Remortgage

Remortgaging a buy-to-let depends on the circumstances and some contributing factors. Expert mortgage brokers can help you make things easy and find the best deals.

Commercial Mortgage

Commercial mortgages are short- to medium-term loans that can be used to finance the purchase of a new business or the acquisition of an existing one.

Home Insurance

Buildings or Home insurance pays for the expense of repairing or rebuilding your home in the event it is damaged or destroyed. It is required when buying a home.

Bridging Finance

A bridging loan is a secured loan for a brief period. It could be used to ‘bridge the financial gap’ between purchasing a new home and the sale of an existing one.

Bad Credit

We assist customers with complicated credit histories in obtaining their ideal offer. To ensure your mortgage, speak with one of our bad credit mortgage experts.


Hassle-free mortgage experience

Applying for a mortgage is challenging, right? It doesn’t need to be that tough. Expert Mortgage Brokers makes it fast, easy and trouble-free.

We Get to Know You

Whether you’re buying or remortgaging, Expert Mortgage Brokers will ask you to fill out an application form so we can learn more about your needs and situation. It will only take a few minutes to complete it online.

We Seal the Deal

Our mortgage brokers will look through more than 1000 deals to find the best rate for you. After we recommend the best one, our mortgage brokers and support team will help you through the whole process.

We Stay By Your Side

Most mortgage brokers will leave you after you choose a mortgage solution. Instead, we will quietly compare your new mortgage to the market whenever you ask and let you know when switching to a new deal will save you money.

Apply for your mortgage now!

Your mortgage is out there. Apply for a mortgage with Expert Mortgage Brokers and we will find you the best rate in the UK market.


Calculate your mortgage payments in minutes

The math behind mortgage payments is complicated, but our mortgage calculators make it easy. Get useful information and make informed decisions about your mortgage.

Mortgage calculation how much can I borrow?

A quick check to find out what size mortgage you can get on your income.

How much are my mortgage payments?

Find out what your mortgage is going to
cost each month.

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Find out how much you’ll need to put aside
for stamp duty.

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Top mortgage questions answered

Whether you’re getting a mortgage, having trouble paying your mortgage, or want information about reverse mortgages, we’re here to answer all your questions.

A mortgage is a loan from a bank or building society that allows you to purchase a home. It is a secured loan, which means that the bank has the authority to repossess and sell the property if you fall short on your monthly payments.‍When you receive a mortgage, you pay back the loan amount plus interest in monthly payments over a fixed time, generally approximately 25 years. In the United Kingdom, certain mortgages have longer or shorter durations. This implies that if you do not return the loan, the lender may repossess your house. In the United Kingdom, you can secure a mortgage on your own or with one or more other persons.‍A mortgage is a sort of loan that is secured by your home. A loan is a financial arrangement made between two people. A lender or creditor lends money to the borrower, and the borrower agrees to return the loan plus interest in monthly instalments over a defined period. There are several forms of loans. Some are secured, such as a mortgage, while others are not. This means that you are not required to use an asset as collateral. On the other hand, unsecured loans often have smaller loan amounts and higher interest rates. You must do the following before requesting a mortgage:

  • Suppose you are purchasing your first home, save for a down payment. If you own your present house, you might put the equity towards the deposit.
  • Locate the property you wish to purchase.
  • Use our mortgage comparison tables to find a mortgage or contact a mortgage broker.
  • Ensure that you can afford the mortgage you select.
  • Obtain a mortgage in principle, telling you how much you may borrow.
  • Make an offer on the property.
  • If your offer is accepted, apply for a mortgage.

Mortgage rates are the interest rates levied on mortgages. Mortgage rates are regulated by the lender and might be fixed or variable, depending on the lender’s preference. Their credit scores determine the interest rates that different borrowers pay for their mortgages. A fluctuation in interest rates can substantially influence the market for homebuyers.‍Mortgage rates are a big concern for homebuyers who want to use a mortgage to purchase a new house. Collateral, interest rates, taxes, and insurance are all considered. The house is used as security for the loan, and the principal is the original loan amount. To get an understanding of how much taxes and insurance will cost, you’ll need to know where your house is located. Various criteria determine the mortgage rate, and the larger the risk, the higher the rate. A high-interest rate guarantees that the lender recoups the initial loan amount faster in the event of a default, therefore safeguarding the lender’s financial investment.‍The borrower’s credit score is an important factor determining the interest rate charged on a mortgage and the loan size obtained. A better credit score implies that the borrower has a solid financial history and is more likely to pay his bills on time. Because the danger of default is reduced, the lender can cut the mortgage rate. The interest rate charged ultimately influences the total cost of the mortgage and the monthly payment amount. As a result, borrowers should constantly seek the lowest available rate.

Applying for a mortgage might be a stressful job if you’re thinking about purchasing a property. You’ll have to supply a lot of information and fill out many documents but being prepared will make the process go as easily as possible. Lenders will calculate your household income, including your base pay and additional income from a second job, freelancing, benefits, commissions, or bonuses.Affordability is a much more involved procedure. When deciding if you can afford your monthly mortgage payments, lenders consider all your regular living expenses, as well as any debts you may have, such as student loans and credit card debt. Begin gathering all the paperwork required for the mortgage application procedure. This might include:

Your utility bills.
Evidence of benefits received; and
Pay stubs for the previous three months.
Driver’s licence (to prove your identity)
Bank statements for the previous three to six months of your current account.
Two to the three-year financial statement.

Suppose you want access to the whole market or have a more difficult financial condition that may require a professional lender who does not deal directly with the public, use a mortgage broker. Use a bank if you already know how the mortgage market works, have a sizable deposit and are convinced you won’t get a better offer elsewhere.Many consumers utilize a mortgage broker instead of going straight to a bank, building society, or other lender forms for various reasons, including…

  • Brokers can provide you with allowance for a broader assortment of products.
  • They can save you time by looking around and negotiating better bargains on your behalf.
  • They can assist you with the extensive documentation required for a mortgage application.
  • They can provide tailored counsel and specialized knowledge.
  • Suppose you fall into a ‘higher risk’ category, such as having terrible credit or searching for a self-employed mortgage. Meaning a broker might be the difference between mortgage approval and mortgage denial.

Some mortgage brokers in London, UK are whole-of-market like expert mortgage brokers, which means they have access to mortgage lenders all over the UK and can find you the best rates and terms. When contemplating this subject, the most crucial factor is the total amount you will pay for your mortgage if you apply through a broker. While most mortgage brokers will charge you a fee to cover their time, you might save a large sum in the long run if they find you a better mortgage offer than you would discover yourself, which is likely.‍On the other hand, people who go straight to a bank, building society, or credit union may save a relatively small amount in fees in the short term. Still, they may end up being out of pocket in the long run because there’s no assurance they’ll get the best offer. This is because the brokers we engage with operate on a success-only basis. Therefore, you will not be charged anything if they cannot obtain a mortgage for you, and any advance payments will be refunded in this rare case.

“Expert mortgage brokers” is a mediator who connects mortgage borrowers and lenders but does not use their capital to create mortgages. Instead, a mortgage broker connects borrowers with lenders and finds the greatest fit for the borrower’s financial status and interest-rate requirements. The mortgage broker also collects the borrower’s documents and forward them to a mortgage lender for underwriting and approval. At closing, the broker receives a commission from either the borrower or the lender, or both.‍A broker compiles loan choices from several lenders for a potential borrower to examine whether the borrower is purchasing a new house or refinancing while also qualifying the borrower for a mortgage with those lenders. In addition, the broker collects financial information such as income, assets, and employment paperwork; a credit report; and other information to assess the borrower’s capacity to acquire finance, which is subsequently passed on to possible lenders.‍The broker evaluates the right loan amount, loan-to-value (LTV) ratio, and loan type for the borrower before submitting the loan to a lender for approval. The broker communicates with both the borrower and the lender throughout the transaction. Once agreed upon, mortgage funds are loaned in the mortgage lender’s name. The mortgage broker receives a commission from the lender known as an origination fee as compensation for its services. In the closing statement, the borrower may be required to pay all or part of the charge. The broker is only compensated once the loan transaction is finalized. Borrowers should look for internet reviews and inquire for references from real estate agents, friends, and family to discover a mortgage broker with the appropriate credentials for their level of expertise. It is critical to deal with someone you can trust and give excellent service

Most mortgage lenders will pay a commission, or procuration charge, of roughly 0.35 per cent of the loan amount to mortgage brokers. This implies that a typical charge for a £100,000 mortgage would be £350. You don’t have to pay any of this, which does not affect your costs. However, it is still worthwhile to determine how much commission your broker would receive. You must be certain that the mortgage broker selects the greatest offer for you, not simply for them!The fee charged by a mortgage broker might range from 0.3% to 1% of the loan amount — no one should ever be requested to pay more than this. So, for a typical mortgage of £150,000, a 0.3 per cent charge would be £450. Make sure you have a formal estimate from your mortgage broker ahead of time. Also, acquire formal assurance that there will be no fees if your mortgage agreement falls through. Finally, remember that employing a mortgage broker should result in you spending less money in the long run, so ask the consultant how their charge is justified.If your price is even marginally better than the next best offer available, you can rapidly recoup your mortgage broker’s fee. For example, assume you borrowed £150,000 at a 2.5 per cent interest rate. Your monthly payments would be £673, and you would pay a total of £201,903 over 25 years.If your mortgage broker could increase that by even 0.1 per cent (giving you a rate of 2.4%), you’d pay £666 per month and a total of £199,694 — a savings of £2,209. Even after allowing for a £500 broker cost, this still saves £1,709, and you’d recoup the £500 fee in six years. Remember that this is merely an example (real mortgage terms will need to be renewed every few years). Still, it demonstrates how even a minor variation in interest rates may result in significant savings over time.