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What is a bridging loan?

A residential bridging loan is a short-term financing solution that can bridge the gap between buying a new home and selling your existing property. This type of bridging finance allows you to secure the residential property you desire without delays, providing a crucial bridge during the transition period.

At Expert Mortgage Brokers, we understand the importance of a smooth and seamless move. Our residential bridging loans are designed to give you the financial flexibility you need, whether you’re upsizing, downsizing, or relocating. With competitive interest rates and loan amounts tailored to your specific requirements, we ensure that your bridging needs are met efficiently.

Residential bridging loan criteria

At Expert Mortgage Brokers, we understand that every client’s situation is unique. That’s why we offer flexible residential bridging loans tailored to meet your specific needs. Our residential bridging finance solutions are designed to bridge the gap between selling your existing home and purchasing a new residential property, ensuring a seamless transition.

  • PROPERTY TYPES ACCEPTED: Residential, commercial properties, and land.
  • ELIGIBLE CLIENTS: Individuals, partnerships, LLPs, limited companies, offshore companies, foreign nationals, and pension funds.
  • AGE REQUIREMENTS: Minimum applicant age of 18 years, no maximum age limit.
  • GEOGRAPHIC COVERAGE: Available in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
  • CREDIT CONSIDERATIONS: Adverse credit situations considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • PERSONALIZED ASSESSMENT: All bridge loan applications assessed individually.

Versatile residential bridging loans for your property needs

Our residential bridging loans can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Getting a bridging loan to secure your dream home before selling your current residence.
  • Taking out a charge bridging loan for a property purchase.
  • Raising funds for home renovations or improvements.
  • Bridging the gap between residential property transactions.

Whether you need a regulated bridging loan for added security or a flexible loan amount tailored to your requirements, our team of experts will work closely with you to find the best solution.

Residential bridging loan costs explained

When it comes to residential bridging loans, it’s essential to understand the various costs involved. At Expert Mortgage Brokers, we believe in transparency, which is why we’ve broken down the key expenses for you:

Interest rates

  • Current interest rates range from 0.47% to 1.25% per month.
  • Rates may vary based on factors such as equity, loan-to-value ratio, fixed or variable rate products, and credit history.
  • Larger loans (over £1,000,000) may qualify for better rates.

Additional fees

  • LENDER ARRANGEMENT FEE: Typically 1% to 3% of the loan amount, often 2% for setup
  • VALUATION FEE: Covers property valuation or survey, with some lenders offering free desktop/AVM valuations
  • LEGAL FEES: Includes both lender’s and your own legal costs
  • BROKER FEES (OPTIONAL): Some brokers charge a fixed fee or a percentage of the loan amount; at Expert Mortgage Brokers, we often waive this fee

Potential additional costs

  • EXIT FEES: Some lenders charge 1-2% of the loan amount upon repayment; we aim to avoid lenders with exit fees

Ready to bridge the gap?

Whether you’re eyeing a new home, a renovation project, or a strategic property investment, our specialised solutions cater directly to your needs, with options for both residential and commercial bridging loans.

Don’t worry about the credit check, loan application, or whether you have a poor credit score; our team is here to find the right bridging lender for you. Every bridging loan application is considered individually, taking into account your unique circumstances and property finance goals.

Advantages & disadvantages of bridging loans

Bridging loans can be a valuable financing solution for those navigating property transactions, but it’s essential to understand both the advantages and disadvantages before making an informed decision. Here’s a breakdown of the key pros and cons:


  • QUICK PAYOUT: Unlike conventional mortgages, bridging loans can provide funds in a matter of days, allowing for a seamless transition between properties.
  • LARGER LOAN AMOUNTS: As bridging loans are secured against property, you may be able to borrow more substantial sums of money to meet your financial needs.
  • FLEXIBLE OPTIONS: Bridging loans offer a range of choices, such as fixed or variable interest rates, as well as open-ended or closed loan terms, providing flexibility to suit your specific circumstances.


  • HIGHER INTEREST RATES: Compared to other types of loans, bridging loans generally come with higher interest rates, with interest typically calculated on a monthly basis.
  • ADDITIONAL FEES: You may encounter various fees associated with bridging loans, including arrangement fees, legal fees, and potentially exit fees, which can add to the overall cost.
  • RISK OF REPOSSESSION: As bridging loans are secured against your property, there is a risk of repossession if you fail to keep up with the repayments, making it crucial to carefully consider your ability to repay the loan.

Alternatives to bridging loans

While residential bridging loans offer a convenient solution for bridging the gap between property transactions, they may not be the most suitable option for everyone. At Expert Mortgage Brokers, we understand that each individual’s circumstances are unique, which is why we also explore alternative financing solutions. Here are some potential alternatives to consider:

Second-charge mortgages

Unlock your dream property with a flexible open bridge loan. Apply now and secure quick funding without long-term commitment.


If you have sufficient equity in your property, remortgaging could allow you to release funds for a new property purchase or home improvements.

Equity release

For homeowners aged 55 and above, equity release schemes can unlock a portion of the value tied up in their property, providing access to funds without having to move.

Personal loans

Unsecured personal loans may be an option for smaller borrowing requirements, although interest rates and repayment terms may be less favorable compared to secured loans.

Savings or family support

If you have access to savings or financial support from family members, this could provide an alternative source of funds for your property needs.

Development finances

For those undertaking property development projects, development finance may be a more suitable option than a bridging loan.

Commercial mortgages

If you’re purchasing or refinancing a commercial property, a commercial mortgage may better suit your needs.

Refurbishment loans

If your primary goal is to finance renovations or refurbishments, a dedicated refurbishment loan could be an appropriate solution.

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Our expert advice

“We understand that securing a bridging loan can be a crucial step in navigating complex property transactions or addressing time-sensitive financial needs. While bridging loans offer a flexible solution, it’s important to approach them with caution and a thorough understanding of the associated risks and costs. Our team is dedicated to providing expert guidance, ensuring you make an informed decision that aligns with your long-term financial goals.”

  • Jahed Mirza, Founder and Managing Director, Expert Mortgage Brokers

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Frequently asked questions on residential bridging finance

The process of obtaining a residential bridging loan typically takes 3-4 weeks, from the initial application to receiving the funds in your bank account. However, the timeline may vary depending on your individual circumstances and the type of valuation required. In some cases, it could take longer than the typical timeframe.

Yes, it is possible to secure a Residential bridging loan even with a poor credit score. However, it’s important to note that individuals with a less favourable credit rating may be offered less competitive rates compared to those with a better credit history.

Absolutely. Residential bridging loans can be utilised for buy-to-let properties. Some landlords may apply for a bridging loan to assist them in securing the deposit for their buy-to-let property purchase.