Our Conveyancing Service

Finding the right solicitor or conveyancer is a really important part of buying a property, which is why we have developed our own conveyancing solution to give you a quality legal service at a competitive price.
When used with our exceptional mortgage service it will give you extra help and support from the point of your offer being accepted through to getting the keys to your new home or if you’re remortgaging, your new mortgage completed.

Why do I need a Solicitor?

Whether purchasing, selling or remortgaging a property, you will require a recognised solicitor or conveyancer to complete the legal work both for you and your mortgage lender.
The solicitor will do everything from conducting appropriate searches and inquiries, highlighting significant issues, completing the legal transfer of ownership, transferring funds, repaying your existing mortgage and registering the interests of relevant parties (you and the lender) on the property you are buying.

Why use our conveyancing service?

We have selected a number of the UK’s leading residential property solicitors and conveyancers to provide you with the legal services you need to buy a property. We have chosen them because they offer a premier service with a high level of customer care at a competitive price.

Not every solicitor can work with every lender, so we will ensure that our recommended solicitor is able to work directly with the lender you are using to avoid unnecessary delays further down the road.

All of our legal partners work to a pre-agreed fixed price so there won’t be any hidden surprises, as well as the added peace of mind that if completion doesn’t take place you won’t be charged a fee.
As an added benefit of our conveyancing package, we provide you with FREE buyers protection insurance. This provides up to £1,050 of cover for valuation fees, legal searches and lenders administration fees in the event you cannot progress with your mortgage for a specified number of reasons such as down valuation of the property you are buying and the seller withdrawing the property from sale. Full details will be supplied at the point of application.

Benefits of using our conveyancing service

  • A high quality, competitively priced ‘No completion, No fee’ legal package
  • The recommended solicitor is guaranteed to be approved and recognised by the mortgage lender you are applying with
  • Firms specifically selected for their expertise in the type of property you are buying, for example New Build and leasehold properties
  • FREE buyers protection insurance to all clients using our conveyancing service
  • A dedicated conveyancing support team, including a qualified solicitor, throughout your entire legal transaction

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